Competition: fiction films from the last two years and having a certain degree of representativeness for specific countries as they have been awarded prizes at festivals in the respective countries or have been nominated for the Oscar for Foreign Film by a national jury will enter this section. The Competition features 8 movies from Central and South-East European countries. 

Panorama:  new and exciting films from around the globe are featured in this section, movies that are intensely discussed and which the Romanian public has not yet had the chance to watch. The Panorama shows 6 productions and co-productions from all over the world. 

EU Capitals of Culture: will start with documentaries about cities that will become European Capitals of Culture in 2021: Timișoara, Novi Sad (Serbia) and Eleusis (Greece).

Student films: The student film section brings to the forefront short films from UNATC, NATFA / National
Academy for Theater and Film Arts in Bulgaria, ADU / The Academy of Dramatic Art in
Croatia and FDU / The Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Serbia and the newly created Radu
Gabrea prize will be awarded to one of these young filmmakers.