Student Films

A long story short

A snail has a journey. He meets a lost mirror and he thinks that his life has an important purpose. The snail is curious about his own reflection until everything gets lost in his mind and the dream of the snail becomes confusing.

Romania, 2017, 10 min.

Genre: Drama, Experimental

Director: Andrei Olănescu

Producers: UNATC



A black-and-white one-shot about a woman returning to her boyfriend’s place after disappearing for several days without any explanation.

Romania, 2017, 11 min.

Genre: Drama

Director: Alexandru Mironescu

Screenplay: Andrei Șendrea, Alexandru Mironescu

Director of photography: Zoran Simulov

Editor: Cosmin Marius Stângă

Producers: Alexandru Mironescu

Cast: Ioana Anastasia Anton, Istvan Teglas


It’s Getting Darker in the Danube Delta

The City of Sulina isn’t anymore what it used to be during the 19th century. The huge harbour that served as a strategic point for all the European water transport is gone now, and all that has remained to the local people after the Communist era is fishing. The only problem is that young people don’t have the patience to do it, the laws aren’t helping them at all, and all that has remained to them is to leave town.

Romania, 2017, 16 min.

Genre: Documentary

Director: Andrei Tache Codreanu

Screenplay: Andrei Tache Codreanu

Director of photography: Mihai Drăghici

Editor: Andrei Stoian

Producers: Andrei Tache Codreanu


Horses don’t Die on the Dog’s Wish

The famous poet Nichita Stănescu talks about a strange phone conversation he had a few days before.


Romania, 2017, 2 min.

Genre: Animație (Animation)

Director: Cristian Radu

Voice: Nichita Stănescu


The Mystery of a Simple Case

A cook that goes by the name Grișa (48 years old) is happily married with Eliza (45 years old), but all of the sudden, he develops a crush on the young woman next door.

Romania, 2017, 17 min.

Genre: Drama

Director: Vera Surățel

Screenplay: Vera Surățel

Director of photography: Lorincz Lorand

Editor: Alex Pintică

Producers: Vera Surățel, Angi Istrate

Cast: Mihai Călin, Ioana Abur, Nicoleta Hâncu, Virginia Rogin


A Small Detail

After a wife’s funeral, an old man talks his daughter into driving him to visit an old friend. He keeps the reason and the intent of his visit a secret. He uses the time it takes to get there to try and reconcile with his daughter. However, the reason of his sudden visit to a forgotten friend remains a mystery, just like the secret he’s carrying with him.

Croatia, 2017, 23 min.

Genre: Drama

Director: Mladen Stanic

Director of photography: Sara Bernarda Moritz

Editor: Marko Klajic

Producers: ADU

Cast: Mate Gulin, Natasa Kopec


Don’t Delve!

Alex’s girlfriend left him without an explanation, and now he is trying to find out what the reason was, by asking his closest people. As the conversations with them progress, we see him as a kind-hearted guy, but ultimately very annoying and invasive. He doesn’t get to understand the way he alienates people, although it’s clear for the others.

Bulgaria, 2017, 12 min.

Genre: Drama

Director: Elena Toncheva

Screenplay: Trendafil Dimitrov

Director of photography: Marin M. Marinov

Producers: NAFTA

Cast: Vladimir Zombori, Valentin Tanev, Maria Statulova, Tsveta Doycheva



Milica comes to the pub with the intentions to renew her relationship with a married man, Milan. The evening passes in a tense atmosphere full of sexual tension between them. Milan is being cruel to Milica in order to chase her away. Despite the inability to keep a beloved man, Milica realizes she has a whole life ahead of her.

Serbia, 2017, 15 min.

Genre: Drama

Director: Tamara Todorovic

Director of photography: Vidoje Vujatovic

Editor: Kristina Todorovic

Producers: FDU

Cast: Jsidora Simijonovic, Aleksander Dindjic, Gala Salipur, Nikola Vostinic



Janka is on the verge of puberty. While attending dance class with her friend, Zorana, who is preoccupied with topics such as kissing, new clothes and parties. Janka is trying to retain her childish innocence for as long as possible, but she can’t escape the inevitable changes every girl has to undergo.

Croatia, 2017, 21 min.

Genre: Drama

Director: Tajana Bakota

Director of photography: Mario Pucic

Editor: Denis Golenja

Producers: ADU

Cast: Nika Dolusic, Klara Kovacic, Natasa Dangubic